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greeves motorsport new bike
280cc Specification
Petrol Tank
FrameGreeves own Aluminium frame,all CNC' d out of solid billet including head stock which is typical Greeves
Engine The engine is our own design and manufactured from solid billet on a CNC machine.The head and barrel are cast with Nicosil lining and machined locally.
Head The head is bolted to the barrel around the outside so the water jacket inside is free from head studs. Therefore the piston and barrel can expand equally without interruption preventing the barrel 'nipping up' when hot
Con Rod The con rod is coppered oval enabling gasses to flow through the engine without hindrance.
Forks The forks are Marzochi light weight aluminium with Black Teflon coating.
Clutch Clutch from Surflex especially made for Greeves with a CNC'd clutch basket from solid billet.
Wheels Tallon hubs manufactured from billet on DID rims front and rear. Tallon sprockets.
Shock Ohlin's specially manufactured shock with 42mm of travel to give 175mm of lift at the rear wheel.
Carburettor Carburettor is a 28mm Dellorto flat side.
Pistons Pistons from Wiseco.
Ignition Leonelli ignition twin mapping .
Levers & Brakes Levers and brakes from Grimeca.
Chain Regina chain.
Tyres Dunlop tyres.
Exhaust Raptor Titanium foot rest and exhaust system. Titanium front pipe - Aluminium Silencer.
Petrol Tank The petrol tank is located under the seat over the foot rest therefore the centre of gravity is lower and moved back to give better traction.
TransmissionGear primary drive and chain final drive. Five speed gearbox with trials ratios
CrankshaftGreeves specification, CNC'd in the UK

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