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Greeves 280cc Trials Bike

The new Greeves Trials Bike has been designed to give maximum performance, reliability and ride ability without compromising on quality.

In excess of six thousand hours of design and development work have been expended into the new bike in order to provide the ultimate riding experience.

The new Greeves 280cc Trials bike comprises our own manufacture aluminium frame, typical Greeves headstock CNC'd from solid billet together with the footrest hangers and swinging arm. The fan and radiator are set back 30mm from the front, enabling debris to fall out and not overheat the engine by blocking air to the engine or the radiator.

Maintaining the bike is very simple. We have chosen and fitted some of the best branded products in the World.

greeves motorsport new bike

  • Marzochi Aluminium forks
  • Italian gears and internals
  • Dellorto Carburettor
  • Greeves Crank Shaft
  • Surflex Clutch has a CNC'd aluminium basket with 12 splines
  • Ohlins Shock
  • Tallon Hubs
  • Regina Chain

greeves new trials bike

The Headstock is typical Greeves. This outstanding design, produced from high grade Aluminium is strong and proven over forty years. The air box is high up by the headstock to prevent the entry of water from the back wheel. The petrol tank is situated low down close to the rear wheel to lower the centre of gravity to improve traction.

greeves new trials bike

The shock absorber is mounted centrally, directly on the swinging arm at a precise angle to give the back end of the bike more manoeuvrability proving less tiring for the rider. No linkage is required. The back wheel has improved grip alleviating shock rebound on large steps.

Greeves have designed their own engine which is manufactured in the UK All design work has been undertaken in-house by Greeves Engineering & Design. The crank cases and outer covers are CNC'd in the UK.

Barrels and heads are also produced in the UK by a local foundry. The barrel has a 360 degree water jacket with no interference with head studs that tend to make the piston nip up when the engine gets hot - the barrel can expand with the piston equally 360 degrees.

The head is clamped down outside the water jacket using a specially designed head, aluminium insert and O-rings.

Wheel spindles incorporate spacers so there is nothing to lose if the wheel is removed to change tyres. Plastics can be clipped on or off without losing clips. The radiator is set back to prevent overheating if mud builds up on the grill. This can be quickly cleaned if required.

The engine can be removed and replaced in around forty-five minutes. The swinging arm spindle has bronze bushing to prevent rusting.

The frame is produced from special Aerospace material extruded into a special shape for strength and appearance.

We are planning to produce four versions of the Greeves Trials Bike: 125cc, 250cc, 280cc and 310cc

greeves fuel filling sytem
filler and vent

Greeves 'Probably the best Trials Bike ever made'

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